Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream
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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Monday, February 26, 2007

James Morrison

Sorry for the lack of postage this past week--I had two midterms and a paper...rough to say the least. But enough with the excuses! I've got some great artists to tell y'all about and you're gonna like 'em. No choice.
Today I'd like to tell you about James Morrison, who has already skyrocketed in the UK. This brings me to a key point: It's great to be in to the next best thing, but let's not disregard something that is a fine piece of work.

That brings me to Mr. Morrison's debut Undiscovered, which seems more ironic than ever--now that he has topped Bloc Party on the UK charts and all. And for good reason, my friends. Imagine James Blunt without the whininess, Ray Lamontagne's raspiness, and Jamie Lidell's pop sensibilities. This is a soulful record, but it's not soul. Some might call it Top 40, but there's something about Morrison's affect that just strikes me as genuine and sincere. Not to mention that he laces some pretty vocals over seriously catchy melodies. Morrison loves to belt it, and he does frequently. And with his sweet raspy voice, it provides for one of the greatest albums I've heard so far this year. Note: this could show up as a top 20 pick in December.

Have a listen to "How Come", which starts out like a regular ol' pop ballad, but then transforms into a beautiful soul-filled, bluesy chorus that has you swaying every which way until you ask yourself "How Come?". And perhaps my favorite "Under the Influence" is a strings-filled, piano-pounding, tasty ditty that is sure to please. A must listen.

Go and buy Undiscovered. It will be released on March 12th in the US.
Listen to "How Come" (4.5/5).
Listen to "Under the Influence" (5/5). Wow

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