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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Friday, August 10, 2007

i predict a ra ra riot

When ra ra riot took the stage at Washington D.C.'s Rock 'N Roll Hotel Tuesday night opening for Tokyo Police Club, they didn't seem like they should be opening for anybody. While the youthful six-piece outfit includes electric cello and violin they have a powerful, edgy rock sound. On stage they seem like that family taking up the large booth at Ruby Tuesdays that gets along too well. They share (instruments), exchange smiles, and even tussle each other's hair (no joke). Yes, the stage at the RNR Hotel seemed a bit two small for any energetic 6-piece, but ra ra's sound seemed just too big for the venue. They out-played the headliners, who seemed tired and lacked variety, delivering an aggressive set with no filler. With just one official release, a six-track ep that will leave you wanting more, ra ra riot are a band you should be keeping tabs on starting now.

"Can you tell" is a bass-driven soliloquy, beautifully meshed with violin and keyboards. "A Manner to Act" showcases the band's ability to juxtapose heavy rock riffs with dancing string parts. Lead singer Wesley Miles, too, is subtle at times, holding nothing back by the end of the track.

Listen to "Can you tell" (4.9/5)
Listen to "A manner to act" (4.8/5)

Photos taken by Alex

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Blogger hunta said...

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10:06 PM  
Blogger hunta said...

Hey. Great review Patrick. Especially since I agree with you. ;>

I have seen these kids play five times and each has been the experience you described--they were the top band of the evening.

Check out some live sets of theirs from

10:08 PM  

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