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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Monday, August 06, 2007

2007 Virgin Festival Recap: Day 1


I decided to check out all three of the bands performing during this block. I started at Fountains of Wayne, who were nothing remarkable. Solely radio designed pop songs. While fun, they did nothing to keep me watching.

Shout Out Out Out Out
, featured in the Dance Tent, put on a highly energetic concert (especially for so early in the day). The entire tent was full of dance-crazy concertgoers enjoying the electronically enhanced music of the Canadian indie group.

I only caught one song of Fiction Plane, who is currently touring with The Police. Though it was short, it was awfully good – a nice performance of their song "Cold Water Symmetry".


Coming into the weekend, one of the band's I was most excited about seeing was Scottish natives The Fratellis. Though only having one full-length album and three EPs to work with, the band put on an energetic performance that left the crowd bopping their heads and yearning for more. Among highlights, was their performance of "Flathead" aka "The iPod song", and a rocking version "Chelsea Dagger" to finish off the set.


Deciding to bypass Amy Winehouse, I stuck around to see another fellow Scottish native, Paolo Nutini. At just 20 years of age, it quickly became obvious that Paolo has a lot of growing to do. Perhaps it was a problem with the vocals, but Nutini's voice wasn't all that strong during the performance. His performance of "New Shoes", however, was quite good.

Incubus generated an energetic crowd, but nothing about their performance was spectacular. It was essentially what you expected to hear – beefed up versions of hits like "Meglomaniac" and "Quicksand", along with some of the other familiar tunes mixed in.


Peter Bjorn and John gave what I thought was the best performance of the festival. The band was energetic, excited to be there, and in turn, the crowd reacted with unbelievable excitement. Their performances of "Young Folks", "Amsterdam", and "Paris 2004" left the crowd in a PB+J frenzy. An extended rendition of "Up Against the Wall", with an eloquent guitar solo, generated an even greater response. Though Peter complained about the heat – eventually resulting in him shedding his suit jacket – the band rocked out on "Detects on My Affection" as a finale.


Playing nearly half their set on instruments, The Beastie Boys pleased the crowd with the likes of "Sabrosa" and old hardcore punk favorites like "Egg Raid on Mojo". On the rap front, "Sure Shot", "Super Disco Breakin'" and "Brass Monkey" were all highlights. The encore showcased the remarkable spinning of Mix Master Mike and an all-instrumental version of "Sabatoge". The 'Boys also had the most enthusiastic crowd of the weekend. Bravo!


I chose to see Modest Mouse over The Police which, unfortunately, was a reminder to bank on experience and sex appeal when making the "who to watch" decision at festivals. Sound problems and a less than energetic Issac Brock left the paltry crowd with a weak performance. Seeing newcomer Johnny Marr was certainly a treat, as were the performances of "Tiny City Made of Ashes" and "Doin' the Cockroach". However, the band did come on late, leaving little more than a hour for them to play. It was an okay set but certainly not the best way to end the evening.

Thanks to Alex for the fantastic Virgin Festival recap



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