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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Concert Review: Battles, Deerhunter, Singer @ The Ottobar, 7.21.07

Despite the above picture being the best shot I was able to get from the Battles' set Saturday night in Baltimore, they really were all there and even played a pretty fantastic set.
the show: I wasn't able to catch either of the opening acts since I initially had planned to see Jesse Malin, who ended up canceling (which, in the end, was probably for the best). Battles finished up a 6-week US tour last night, including a set at Pitchfork, and are now heading overseas to continue promoting their most recent math-rock gem, Mirrored.
the pros: Just the right combination of avantgarde looping, electronics, and frenzied grooves. The set was well-paced, held together by Dave Konopka, bassist / guitarist, who ended up doing a lot behind the scenes work, and drummer John Stainer, whose cranked snare drum sounded like a unison hit by the Cavlier's snare line. Braxton and Ian Williams added fire too, whether playing unison guitar licks or dueling between a pair of keyboards and imacs.
the cons: Not too many complaints here; a technical glitch or two, some brief time phasing, and an encore that left a bit to be desired (if I have to play the card of bitter music critic for a few sentences). I would have enjoyed a bit more Tyondai Braxton's "evil elf" vocals, which are hauntingly beautiful live.
the verdict: See Battles live. Buy Mirrored.
at a glance:
the setlist: B+
the instruments: A+
the vocals: A
the band: A
the crowd: A
final grade: A

I picked up the two ep's at the show. Have a listen to "Dance" (4.65/5)

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