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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream will serve as a blog for me to share my thoughts and musings, with a special emphasis on music. The music that will appear in this blog is for evaluation/sampling purposes only, and is designed to promote up and coming bands. Remember, if you like the artist(s), buy the CD! If you are the owner of a sound file and would like it removed, please contact us and we will kindly take it down.

Monday, August 06, 2007

2007 Virgin Festival Recap

The festival at a glance...

This year's Virgin Festival, presented by Virgin Mobile (just so we're clear this wasn't a 50,000+ gathering of virgins...more like 49,000 virgins), has come and gone. Two days filled with hours of music, sweltering hot temperatures, and the stench of human sweat from Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, Maryland.

Best Overall Performances

  1. Peter Bjorn and John
  2. Beastie Boys
  3. Interpol
  4. LCD Soundsystem
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Velvet Revolver
Most Disappointing Performances

  1. Modest Mouse
  2. Spoon
Most Energy on Stage

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  2. Peter Bjorn and John
  3. The Fratellis
  4. Beastie Boys
  5. Girl Talk

Exceeded Expectations

  1. Peter Bjorn and John
  2. Velvet Revolver
  3. Regina Spektor
  4. Shout Out Out Out Out

Best Crowds

  1. Interpol
  2. Velvet Revolver
  3. 311
  4. Beastie Boys
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Worst Crowds

  1. Paolo Nutini
  2. Panic! At the Disco
  3. TV on the Radio
  4. CSS
  5. Peter Bjorn and John

Best Set Lists

  1. Peter Bjorn and John
  2. Beastie Boys
  3. Interpol
  4. Spoon
  5. 311
Bands I Wish I Would Have Seen More Of

  1. CSS
  2. Velvet Revolver
  3. Explosions in the Sky
  4. TV on the Radio
  5. Paolo Nutini
What are your lists looking like? Stay tuned for day-by-day photos and recaps.

Virgin Festival coverage by Alex



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