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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bear With Me

That's right, everybody. The Chicago Bears play their much anticipated playoff game at noon today. In honor of this exciting day, I'm going to do a little Chicago Bears themed post. Check for a bonus below.

1) Chicago Symphony Orchestra-Bear Down Chicago Bears
"Bear Down Chicago Bears" is the classic, timeless anthem of the Chicago Bears. Where ever you find yourself on Sunday--if you are in Chicago--you will hear this. Now the song actually has words, but this version is courtesy of the famed Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I thought it was too cool to pass it up.

2) Sufjan Stevens-Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie
Although this song is actually about Michigan towns "Sleeping Bear" and "Sault Saint Marie" (SSM has a great Dairy Queen, I might add), nothing could describe the way the Chicago Bears have been hibernating over the past two weeks. Just watch out when the sleeping bear awakes at noon.

3) Mike Ditka in Monday Night Football Intro
Mike Ditka did this minute and a half long spot for ESPN for Monday Night Football several weeks back. It's chilling, it's hair-raising, it's hilarious. It's fantastic.

Bonus. In honor of the fact that I'm hoping the Bears are going to beat the Seattle Seahawks, I'm going to give you a song as an extended metaphor of how bad we'll beat them.
Get ready for this.
Smashmouth Acapella--This is an unreleased acapella part of a potential Smashmouth song....It's terrible and it's hilarious. What's your favorite line? Mine is the whole off-key chorus that leads into the awkward bridge ("Don't you really like the view"). Thanks to grizzly bear.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were at the game. Destined to be a classic. Go BEARS!

-He Said, She Said

7:35 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

How can I get that Ditka Monday night intro. I tried but it is gone. Can you re-post it or how can I get it becuase it is awesome!!!!

11:08 PM  
Blogger Benji said...

try now. the file should work

8:21 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

Thanks bro. Much appreciated!!!!!

7:34 PM  

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