Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream
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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream will serve as a blog for me to share my thoughts and musings, with a special emphasis on music. The music that will appear in this blog is for evaluation/sampling purposes only, and is designed to promote up and coming bands. Remember, if you like the artist(s), buy the CD! If you are the owner of a sound file and would like it removed, please contact us and we will kindly take it down.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Knifeblades + Glowing Bulbs=Razorlight: sounds like a pretty awkward combination, a contradiciton one might say. However, this swedish-english rock band has figured out a way to bring together a unique sharpness and intensity to their music, while also infusing their warm pop tendencies into the mix. The equation is really one of success.

Their self-titled sophomore albumRazorlight builds beautifully off of their debut release, Up All Night, which featured such gems as "Rip it Up" and "Golden Touch". What intrigues me about Razorlight is that they effortlessly walk the line between indie and mainstream rock. Listen to their lyrics and the messages they're trying to convey-you automatically think indie rock. At times, when the words seem meaningless, their sonic quality-along with the accentuation of the words on the part of Johnny Borrell and Bjorn Ognen-breathe a whole new life into the words.
Listen to the catchy pop riffs and vocal harmonies and you might think you're listening to one of the more popular bands on the radio. Don't be fooled.

The song, "Hold On", is more of a feel-good-call-to-arms that features an addicting guitar riff and some dabbling on the keyboards. The sentiments expressed in the song are not neccessarily original but are prevalent:

So stick your fist up prove them wrong
Don't lose the words to the song
Coz its a long way down
I guess you know that by now

But if you hold on
Well I will hold on too
And if you reach up
Yeah I will reach up too

The song, "Who Needs Love?" features 60's-like vocal harmonies with a Grease-like piano rhythm that makes this song a gem.
Be sure to check these two songs out and buy the album.

Check out Hold On.
Check out Who Needs Love?.


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