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Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dragonette: What pop music should be

It is just a matter of time before electropop supergroup, Dragonette, blows up somewhere, whether in Canada, the UK, the US, the blog world, at trashy high school dance parties, or at least at zombie dance parties. The band has already established relentless credibility with the pop music blog Popjustice. It seems the band is mentioned every other day and the blog has deemed Dragonette their "favourite new pop act of the last four years." Hmm...what about Gareth Gates? I'll keep backin' Gareth with you Simon--how's that comeback album coming?

The band, whose first full-length album Galore is due to release in the UK this August, has had moderate success with the first singles "Jesus doesn't love me" and "I get around." The band has just released its third single, "Take it like a man," which includes a sultry video based on 'Boogie Nights.' Galore is a masterful collection of edgy pop tunes that are suitable for the rock club, the dance floor, or the bedroom. Vocally, Dragonette's frontwoman Martina Sorbara bares some resemblance to Gwen Stefani, and seems to be an even bigger badass than Lily Allen. She says "yes when [she] oughta say no" and, as she proclaims in the harmlessly trashy "Black Limousine," she's a "woman with taste and a girl with true ambition."

Check out the video for the promiscuous, infectiously catchy "I get around" (not to be confused with soft-core porn)

Dragonette is fun, sexy, and damn talented. Galore will be in your head for days. You may get some strange looks for unconsciously singing, "I’m a natural catch for a chap to be sat / In the back of a black limousine," while on your lunch break, but don't worry because it's just a matter of time before everyone will be hummin' the Dragonette tune. The zombie dancers already are...

Yep, they have a myspace
And a website too!

Listen to "Take it like a Man" (4.4/5)
Listen to "Get Lucky" (4.2/5)
Listen to "Black Limousine" (4.3/5)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw them in Stoke at club NME, like a sex pop meteor!

4:25 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I hear they put on a great live show--can't wait to this sex pop meteor!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Sudo said...

Great review! I totally agree with the Gwen Stephani and Lily Allen comment.

2:00 AM  

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